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Our students have their say about our ELS's. Read their responses to the question: What has gone well for you with your learning in Term 1?

Here is the raw student data from the online survey that our students (Yr 5-8) completed independently at the end of nine weeks of learning in our Engaging Learning Spaces (ELS's). These are their responses to the first question on the survey. They were asked to respond as succinctly as possibly using bullet points to the following question:

What has gone well for you with your learning in term 1?

·        Projects
·        independent learning time
·        working together
·        self managing to have more responsibility
·        the hub time has helped by mixing with other people
·        I think that the inquiry was a good look at learning to experience the real thing
·        I feel that I am learning a lot of new skills for maths and I have also so enjoyed our inquiry outing (Steampunk)
·        I have improved in my reading and writing which I am very happy with
·        getting my full license so that i can work in the hall way or anywhere i want that will fit in with my learning
·        These are some positive aspects of this new learning environment:
- It enables us to work with different age groups
- It helps us understand how different people think
- introduces us into class room changes
- and many other great opportunities.
·        I have really enjoyed being part of the school council.
·        i have enjoyed being able to go to the gym and start to construct a project out of the experience.
·        I learned a lot about the structure in writing and about how to create similes, metaphors and personification into a piece of writing.
·        Using devices for learning.
·        Having independent learning time.
·        Having the choice of being in any room (quiet room or discussion room)
·        I like having hubs and working in different classrooms for different subjects.
·        I like working with different students and teachers because it helps a little with my confidence and I find that I work well with different students.
·        Week goals, PC work, maths, reading, writing, hub time, Leadership groups, ECB's (Early Childhood Buddies) and different teachers.
·        new learning with device
·        new learning in a new environment
·        different learning from different teachers
·        new way to learn
·        able to manage your own time table
·        more choice in choosing where you sit
·        teaching us to use responsible choices and learning in the right atmosphere
·        You know what you have to strive for
·        get to know other people from different years
·        Having three teachers
·        I enjoy the new environment
·        Having three teachers
·        Devices
·        Hubs
·        licences
·        Standers (leaners )
·        Outings for inquiry
·        I have liked our week goals and our hub time.
·        having more help with everything because we basically have 3 teachers.
·        having the licenses to know where are in our learning and its a goal to get to a higher licence and we get rewarded.
·        its great having technology because we learn new skills.
·         Working by myself without any distractions
·        Open doors
·        Outings
·         Researching
·        Maths
·        Workshops
·        Working with different people
·        Planning
·        workshop and the working space
·         you have weekly goals do within a week.
·        you get to use technology to use to type up your work that is much faster than writing in a book.
·        Silent places to learn
·        Ability to do stuff at home
·        For me Hub time has helped not only me with my learning but others too because I get to interact with the younger ones and to support them when they need it.
·        Going out for games has helped me with my learning so that I will have some energy and that when I come back from the game I will be refreshed and ready to learn and to not get derailed.
·        Looking at the timetable in the morning after prayers has helped me with my learning because it helps me know where and what time I have to go for different workshops and also shows the teacher I manage my learning
·        New environment is more like high-school
·        Having three teachers
·        Higher standards/expectations
·        Trips for inquiry time
·         Our workshops in every subject have been fun especially maths has been much different and i like that. Also i like using mathletics i know we had it last year but we didn't use it as often. 
·         I am more confident on my place value and my equal addition
·        I have learnt how to do personification in my writing so its more detailed.
·        I have learnt that i should be exercise for 60 minutes everyday.
·        working on the devices
·        helping others in maths
·        moving up to high levels in reading
·        listening to who is talking like a teacher and a friend
·        working together as a class
·        supporting others
·        working on the leaners
·        being happy at writing and reading
·        learning hubs
·        device time
·        freedom
·        more challenges
·        I have made new friends at this new school. I like the blog and technology stuff because I haven’t used technology for learning before. Everything is different such as new devices, new school and new country. What I like about this school is that we don't have a specific spot to sit, I like to sit in the corridor.
·        I have loved doing our inquiry and our research.
·        I have loved working with the bigger kids because we have been given bigger tasks so we can stretch our abilities.
·        I also have loved having the Learner licenses because it's something that you have to work at.
·        Workshops and learning from the older kids and having week goals.
·        The workshops and working upstairs. Mr McEvoy's group.
·        A new teacher, my reading, having workshops and homeroom time. Working with other classes.
·        Being able to work in different places
·        I enjoyed working with the year 8's and year 7's
·        the hub system
·        having more than 1 teacher
·        new friends
·        be able to work in different places
·        getting to work with the year 7&8
·        working with yr. 7&8
·        love how we can have work shops
·        stepping up in our roles
·        having a goal to get to the top of the license
·        using computers for work
·         learning more about Jesus and St Dominic
·        workshops (working on things I have to know)
·        using blogs
·         moving to this school
·         making new friends
·        Having the choice of working in different rooms not just one.
·        Having different teachers- you learn more, not just from one teacher.
·        having learner licenses because it helps me to work towards something
·         I like to work with different teachers
·         work shops
·        working with year 7s and 8
·        learning about St Dominic and Jesus and filming my all about me
·        math workshops
·        meeting new people
·        That we can work with the year 7s and 8s. Being on the school council and full license.
·        The workshops and having three teachers.

What conclusions can we make from these responses ? Please share your thoughts and comments.

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  1. It appears as though the students are very much engaged and embracing not only the learning environment, but the actual learning as well. My girls are constantly coming home and
    Telling me what they're learning, quite excited about it, which has not happened that often in the past. Well done team a great start for the ELS system