About change2flourish

I am Jennifer (Jenny) Hawkins previous author of Jenny Jackson's Active Reflections from 2014 - June 2016. The change2flourish site has evolved as a result of a change in my personal life. After over thirty years living in New Zealand, The Netherlands and England, I have returned home to live in Melbourne.
As part of a master's paper about leading educational change, I planned this new site, with the vision to develop it into a shared space for leaders, staff, parents and students to connect and collaborate and change2flourish. Contributing authors are invited to collaborate with at least one other person to share first hand experiences of change.
As schools are redesigned into shared environments to help prepare students to become collaborative, self-regulated learners, our teachers are being asked to be flexible and adapt their own skills and capabilities. Leaders must create workplaces that enable teachers to develop and model these skills.
If leaders can challenge themselves to collaborate in their daily contexts, then they are being open to developing their own skills and capabilities and will personally engage with what it means to be collaborative and innovative.
This new site aims to be a model of collaborative and flexible practice in action (Burns & Todnem, 2011). Involving others to contribute in relation to this vision, will help to give ownership to the site and have the advantage of sharing practice through multiple networks (Holmes, Clements & Allbright, 2013; Lukacs & Galluzzo, 2012; Wheatley, 2006).
The challenge will be twofold. It will be to constantly remain focused on the vision to change2flourish and allow for the ingenuity and creativity of highly motivated contributors to evolve (Hamel, 2007; Sinek, 2013; Wheatley, 2006).

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