Saturday, 26 April 2014

Have you read Open by David Price? I have and I aim to.....

Just in case you haven't got the time or resources to read  OPEN, I will share one of my goals from each chapter with you as I read it.
Here is some background information about the book to put you in the picture.
Last week, I recommended OPEN to our school community via our school Facebook page.
and published this information on my 'old style' principal's blog.
Through my online Twitter learning community, I came across a review of a recently published book called Open by David Price OBE. This morning I bought the kindle version and I can't put it down!! It links in so well with the focus of my sabbatical essay on engagement and learning and I'm keen to read more. I highly recommend this book to our whole community. Click on the book image below to link to a review of the book .
David Price regularly shares his views and links to his posts on Engaged Learning via Twitter tweets. You can learn more by clicking on the photo of David below. He recently wrote about the excellent student engagement in learning happening at Matthew Moss High School. Of course, I visited this school in March and plan to adapt some of their learning ideas for our school here.

From reading the Introduction of OPEN I aim to create a 'learning commons'. More about this in my next post.

Link to principal's blog on school site

 Click here to link to this blog
I have created a link from the image above to my original blog on our school site.This is the blog that I created on the 30th March 2014. It includes photos of some of the schools I visited during my sabbatical travels in February & March - Matthew Moss High School, UK & Andre Agassi Preparatory Academy,USA. It also links to the site that shares some of our staff  learning at school including some excellent Action Research projects and SOLO development.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Excellent Learning & Change (LCN) video

Now that I have got my principal's blog going on our site, I thought that it was time to create a more interesting layout and design. I am trying to see what I can learn to do here on blogger. Once more, it will be trial and error and much googling as well !! I would like to see all of our children at St Joseph's share their learning on their own blog in the near future and if I expect them to to do this, then I must learn too.

I came across this excellent video made by a colleague  in Wellington Mr Theo and would like to share this with you. It shows the philosophy behind the Learning and Change Network that we are also part of here in North Otago. It helps to explain how schools can work together collaboratively to benefit all of our learners.

Thanks Mr Theo for letting me share this. It's also on our school Facebook page.