This is a three minute video I created to capture my learning around innovation from the Martin & Edward's Delivering Innovation Conference in June 2018.

Here is a video reflection from the South East Zone Catholic Principal's Conference to Broome, WA, May 2018.

This is a four minute video I created in 2014 as part of a personal challenge to encapsulate the key messages from my 5,000 word sabbatical report in an engaging way. The theme is around student engagement. How do we engage students in deep learning for success ?

The following two videos were shared at a CEM leadership day in relation to empathy and compassion. Designed for the medical sector, these videos have important messages for all of us as we build empowering relationships with learners, staff and families within our schools. 

This is a two minute video I developed in response to a workshop around measuring engagement.
This two minute video was the outcome of a challenge to explain how collaborative community networks can support engagement in deep learning.

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