Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Next time : What can we learn from our first open morning ?

In my last post, I posed some questions in relation to our inaugural open morning. It's time to reflect after the event and see what can be improved about the open school process for next time.

1.Will any parents actually turn up?
Yes they did ! We had about twenty-five in the end. The majority of us started in the hall after a chat about the Teaching and Learning site. However, some visitors went directly to the hubs and missed the introductory session.
Next time: Ask all visitors to sign in at the office first. This is the normal procedure and by following this protocol, everyone could have been directed to the meeting place in the hall or to an existing tour group.

2.If they do come along, will they be open to understanding how the Engaging Learning Spaces (ELS's) work ? and 3. Will they be brave enough to ask questions ?

Yes. Our visitors were open to understanding how our ELS's work and were comfortable asking questions. 
Next time: Have some clarity around how available teachers would be to answer questions for parents. I would need to ensure that parents direct questions to the "tour guide" on the understanding that the teachers need to be fully focused in the learning spaces with the children. Teachers could be free to approach the visitors to talk if they were available.

4. Will they be able to link what they see to the planning on the Teaching & Learning Site ? Verbal feedback would suggest that they were able to see the links. I will send the visitors a brief google survey to obtain direct feedback.

5. How will our teachers and students feel about the experience ?
I have repeated the same reflection for number 5. as from my previous post
We have to remember to be supportive of our staff and students and remind parents and visitors that the staff and students might feel a little nervous with us around. Hopefully, everyone will respect each others feelings. After all, "respect" is one of our school values.

Overall, the feedback was genuinely positive from visitors. My next step is to get some feedback from students and staff. Our open sessions need to work both ways and be an enlightening experience for everyone concerned. I will share feedback from visitors, students and staff in another blog.....

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