Sunday, 11 May 2014

After reading Chapter 1 of OPEN I will radically change...

In my last post I spoke about radically changing the way we communicate with our community after reading Chapter 1 of OPEN: How we'll work, live and learn in the future by David Price

In Chapter 1, Price talks about 'the rise of  disruptive, facilitative technologies' in relation to news about social and political movements in 1848 and 2011.

In the mid 19th Century it was the press and newspapers. In 2011 the disruptive technologies were digital with 'social media and citizen journalism at the forefront.'(p10)

Price foresees the job market of the future and talks of 'digital mediation' where human  intermediaries are replaced by 'user-generated, online connections.' eg. TripAdvisor and LinkedIn.(p17) He explains that a not-for-profit company model is emerging through a new 'sharing economy' eg. Airbnb and Streetbank. (p20)

Ultimately 'we have to be open to radical shifts in how we work, live and learn.' (p21) If we are open, 'it accelerates the speed at which we solve intractable problems and we can turn off TVs and enter into community with each other.' (p22)

Last week at school we published our final, full school newsletter. If we want to prepare our students and families more fully for the future, we need to lead the way by sharing our news using 21st Century digital technologies and social media.

This week our News and Learning blog will go live and will be promoted through Facebook and Twitter. We will support our families to transition to this new approach via a one page hard copy flyer. This will be distributed weekly at the same time as our newsletter and will also contain links to learning blogs and sites at school for our students, their families and our community.

After reading Chapter 2 of OPEN I will promote informal learning for staff and students. Learn more in my next blog.

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