Thursday, 24 April 2014

Excellent Learning & Change (LCN) video

Now that I have got my principal's blog going on our site, I thought that it was time to create a more interesting layout and design. I am trying to see what I can learn to do here on blogger. Once more, it will be trial and error and much googling as well !! I would like to see all of our children at St Joseph's share their learning on their own blog in the near future and if I expect them to to do this, then I must learn too.

I came across this excellent video made by a colleague  in Wellington Mr Theo and would like to share this with you. It shows the philosophy behind the Learning and Change Network that we are also part of here in North Otago. It helps to explain how schools can work together collaboratively to benefit all of our learners.

Thanks Mr Theo for letting me share this. It's also on our school Facebook page.

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