Saturday, 16 December 2017

Engaged and motivated students design learning spaces with award winning architects

Engaged and motivated learners always faithful to our loving God is the vision for the St Patrick's school community. Community consultation over a year ago led to a renewed vision for teaching,  learning and living. Learn more at this link. Further to this, the redevelopment of internal and external learning spaces as a stimulus for authentic engagement and motivation was one of the drivers for a school ten year masterplan. Other drivers are: student and staff well being, collaboration, security, child safe standards, sustainability and maintenance of the buildings and grounds. The Parish Education Board formed a Masterplan Committee who shortlisted and appointed the award winning architectural firm K2LD to design the masterplan.

The Student Representative Council (SRC) with two reps from thirteen of the fifteen St Pat's classes met with the team of architects and designers from K2LD for the first masterplan visioning workshop. It made perfect sense that the students were the first to be consulted in the process. K2LD will lead two more visioning workshops; one with staff and the other with the parent and parish community during the first two weeks of the 2018 school year. This extensive consultation will contribute to the development of a unique masterplan for creative change for the St Patrick's community.

The K2LD team introduce themselves to the SRC

A slideshow presentation highlighted the role of the architects and designers and included reference to the following : perspective, plan, elevation, collaboration, details, interior design, existing spaces and benchmarking. The students were asked to draw or write three suggestions to help improve the school. They played a card game and were asked to choose one card to describe how they felt about the current school and one card for how they would like to feel in the redeveloped school. 
Tisha and David Lee, Directors of K2LD working with the SRC
The following short video vignettes capture some of the feedback from the student visioning workshop. We look forward to seeing how the K2LD team incorporates the students ideas and suggestions into the masterplan. Working alongside award winning architects is certainly one way to engage and motivate our students to learn how to be connected, collaborative leaders of creative change.

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