Sunday, 12 June 2016

Parents are tutored by their children at the Family Learning Hui

Coming together and sharing our learning is an important way to help parents understand how they can be supporting their children.
This year, all of our teachers and children have received professional development around Peer Tutoring. We have ben focussing on writing across the school through peered writing and the teachers have already seen remarkable improvements in more than just writing.

Peered tutoring raises children's awareness in social, emotional and academic skills as well. Research proves that when children support, challenge and give feedback to each other with learning, their progress and achievement excels. When peered tutoring takes place in a purposeful and planned manner with tutors and tutees receiving training, the results speak for themselves.

Thank you to Linda Schofield and Belinda Brosnan from the RTLB service for their support with this whole school project. Thanks to our teachers who enthusiastically shared their experiences with families at our Family Learning Hui. Thanks to the children and families who came to the hui. You can gain insights into how peered writing works and learn about what we shared at the hui by watching the following short videos.
There are still a few videos of the learners in action to upload.

                                           Year 4/5 learners in action thanks Miss O'Malley
    Junior Peered Writing Yr 1-3
Yr 4-5
 Yr 6
Seniors Yr 7 & 8 Pause, Prompt, Praise

Parents learn how they can participate
Parents get tutored by their children
Parent Mel Davison shares her writing

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